Why subscribe for premium agency features?

In brief

SHD offers designers a lot of great features for free. If you like those features then we think you're going to love the extras you can get if you upgrade your agency to Premium status. Here's a quick look of some of the differences:

Basic agencyPremium agency
Low priority importsHigh priority imports
Create stunning social media adsShare them
Rich product descriptionsDescriptions can include external links
Links to Zazzle use SHD's affiliate codeUse your agency's own affiliate code (or PP2 links)
Basic sales reports from your royalty historyAdvanced sales analysis
Limited store insightsFull store insights
Limited product insightsFull product insights
-Niche explorer

Chipping in

You don't have to of course. You are free to use SHD's services as they are without paying any fees. But if you can afford to, one reason to pay for premium is to help support our efforts. A lot of hard work went into building this website. Development continues daily. It also costs money to host the site and to run the small business behind SHD. At the time of this writing the principal proprietors have been spending a lot of time and money over the past year to create all of this without generating any revenue to help pay for it. We super duper appreciate everyone who chips in to help us help you out.

Limited resources

Computing resources have gotten very cheap over the years. Creating the illusion that it costs nothing to provide a service like this. In reality we do have cost constraints and limited resources. As of this writing we are storing over 200 MB of images for each Zazzler importing their stores here.

We must also be respectful of Zazzle's computing resources. We go out of our way to minimize our impact on their servers. As a result we are limited in how quickly we can import your products from Zazzle. This is not so much as cost as a constraint for us. We give priority to the imports of paying customers.

Our referrals or yours

By default we do have a way to earn money from your stores' products through Zazzle's referral program. If someone clicks on a link from your product on SHD to go to your product on Zazzle and subsequently buys it or something else then we earn a 15% referral bonus from Zazzle.

If you upgrade to Premium then we'll use your Zazzle member ID / affiliate code instaed of ours. So you'll get that 15% referral bonus instead. If you are a member of the more exclusive Promoter Program 2.0 then you can switch on "clean URLs" that don't contain a referral code so you can earn your 35% referral bonuses. Many members of the PP2.0 program earn way more each month than our Premium subscription fee.

Make it so

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