How to use the product insights page

What is it?

The product insights (aka Product > Insights) page gives you a detailed look at one of your individual product's impacts. Here's what it looks like:


Note that some parts of this are Premium agency features that are not available to Basic agencies.

You can also view the related Store > Insights page to look at a broader scale.

Where is it?

You can get to this page by editing / managing one of your products. Then switching from the "Product settings" tab to the "Insights" tab:


Basics section

For now this is fairly simplistic:


You'll find here a few numbers:

"Total views" indicates how many "hits" or "impressions" there were on this product's public page. Not your private management pages.

"Qualified views" is a subset of all of those hits. I'm filtering out views by you and any other agents that might be in your agency. I'm also filtering out bots like Google's as much as I can with the log entries. Major web spidering bots typically announce themselves when they make web requests.

"Total link-outs" is the number of times people have clicked on a "Shop at Zazzle" link from your product page to go to your Zazzle product page.


"Visitor link-outs" is the subset of that attributable to vistors. Or more precisely people who are not you, the agency owner, or agents of your agency.

Sales over time section

This section gives a narrower view of your product's sales than you will get in your sales reports. You'll only see data here if you have imported your royalty history file.


I won't go into detail here, since the sales reports are well documented. But here's a couple screenshots showing how your sales history for this product can look over time:

Source texts section

This section is collapsed by default. It is a read-only view of your product's name, tags, and description. It's meant to help support your use of the Niche analysis section. See below.


Niche analysis section

This section is meant to help you understand how your prospective customers on Zazzle see your product. Here's what it typically looks like:


This section is described in its own knowledge base article. See that for details.