How to use the Niche explorer

What is it?

The Niche explorer is a page available to design agencies that allows users to explore niche ideas with an eye to serving Zazzle customers' interests. Here's what it looks like:


Note: This is a Premium agency feature. Members of Basic agencies won't be able to use this.

Note also that this tool is not specific to your agency. The search results you see are entirely based on your search criteria. They are not affected by what you have in your stores. On the other hand the Niche analysis tool found on the Product > Insights page is very tailored to your content.

Where is it?

When you log in you are at your "My account" page. I'll assume you have set up your agency or been invited to be an agent of another agency. Click for the "Manage" button under your agency's section heading on this page:


Then click the "Niche explorer" tab on the tab bar and you're there:


How to use it

This is designed to be fairly easy to use. Enter some keywords. Choose how random-ish you want the results to be. And optionally click "Reroll" to get another set of semi-randomized search results. You can get more than the default 20 results at a time if you want as well.


The text in the "Query" column is clickable. If you click it you'll go to Zazzle's website to execute that niche idea as an actual search. The "Matches" column roughtly estimates how many results you should find on Zazzle.

Where do these niche ideas come from?

We have a massive list (over 350,000 at time of writing) of search queries performed by real Zazzle visitors on Zazzle's own website. Zazzle publishes this for the benefit of Google and other search engines. We import that data too.

Each of these queries is a search at least one person performed on Zazzle looking for products. The "Matches" number indicates roughly how many products you would find right now if you did that search.

The "Nicheness" score (0 - 100%) reflects how niche the concept captured by this search query is. This score is computed primarily based on how specific the query in and how many matches there are. More specific means more niche. Fewer matches also means more niche.