What is an agency?

Teaming up

Most Zazzlers are independent designers creating and marketing their own products using Zazzle and sometimes other platforms. But sometimes we team up with one or more designers to pool resources and create bigger inventories. Zazzle makes this a little frustrating because it becomes necessary to share a Zazzle login account. Which Zazzle might even see as a violation of their terms of service.

But you might also want to get help from other people with managing your business. Maybe you design products and have a friend who helps you come up with tags and descriptions. Or maybe you hire an outside social media marketing consultant to help you out.

Agents of agencies

All an agency is is a way for you to enable more than just you to work on your print on demand business. You've got your user account and you've got your agency. Those other people on your team are what we call "agents". And you are the agency's "owner". They each have their own user accounts. No need to share passwords.

You can add agents to your agency from your agency's editor page.

Ownership of assets

An agency almost always has one or more stores representing the more prominent brands designers place on their products. But it's worth noting that all products, collections, and so forth related to stores should be thought of as being owned by an agency. That agency's ownership may change hands over time. But those stores, products, and so on are owned by the agency.