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Based on the portfolio of Pacific Northwest nature photographer, blogger, and avid birder W.H. Sim, the Walks With Nature shop showcases a diverse range of wildlife- and outdoors-themed gift ideas to add character, humor, inspiration, or a dramatic flair to the spaces where you live, work, and play.


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Some of the best vocalists in the world are, unsurprisingly, of the feathered kind. Metro Vancouver is home to (and destination spot for) an eclectic variety of songbirds who dazzle with their color palette as well as their musical repertoire.

WWN A Cheeky Pair of Zebra Finches
WWN Adorable Anna's Hummingbird on Berry Bush
WWN African Superb Starling at the Waterfall
WWN Anna's Hummingbird Mother on Nest
An Anna's Hummingbird Mother-to-Be PlacematStunning Anna's Hummingbird Mom on NestStunning Anna's Hummingbird Mom on Nest Mouse PadStunning Anna's Hummingbird Mom on Nest Throw Pillow
WWN Anna's Hummingbird on the Scarlet Trumpetvine
WWN Beautiful Black-Headed Grosbeak in the Tree
WWN Beautiful Marsh Wren in the Reeds
WWN Beautiful Mountain Bluebird on Beach Driftwood
WWN Beautiful Mountain Bluebird on Beach Stump
WWN Beautiful Mountain Bluebird on the Tansy
WWN Beautiful Varied Thrush in the Snow & Seed
WWN Beautiful Varied Thrush on the Snowy Ground
WWN Bird's Eye View of a Varied Thrush
WWN Bold Blue Jay Songbird on the Stump
WWN Cape May Warbler in the Flowering Mahonia
WWN Chubby White-Crowned Sparrow in the Winter Sun
WWN Curious American Robin in the Grass
WWN Cute Chestnut-Backed Chickadee on the Pear Tree
WWN Getting the Staredown from a Tree Swallow in the Nestbox
Eye to Eye with a Tree Swallow in a Nestbox Playing CardsMad Tree Swallow Songbird in Nestbox Metal Lunch BoxMad Tree Swallow Songbird in Nestbox Ping Pong PaddleTree Swallow Songbird in Nestbox Drawstring BagTree Swallow Songbird in Nestbox Large Christmas Stocking
WWN Golden-Crowned Kinglet Causes a Stir in the Fir (I)
WWN Golden-Crowned Kinglet Causes a Stir in the Fir (II)
WWN Heartwarming Family Portrait of Bushtit Babies
WWN Hermit Thrush on the Scarlet Firethorn
WWN Hopeful Black-Capped Chickadee in the Tree
WWN Profile of a Stunning Barn Swallow on a Branch
WWN Rufous Hummingbird in the California Lilac
WWN Rufous Hummingbird on the Hybrid Fruit Tree
WWN Saucy Grey Jay in the Fir
WWN Slate-Colored/Oregon Dark-Eyed Junco on the Pear Tree
WWN Spotted Towhee in the Autumn Leaf Litter
WWN Stunning Anna's Hummingbird on the Plum Tree
WWN Stunning Rufous Hummingbird on the Cherry Tree
WWN Stunning Tree Swallow on the Wire
WWN Stunning Tropical Kingbird on Blackberry Branch
WWN Stunning Varied Thrush in the Driving Snow
WWN Wilson's Warbler in the Cherry Tree