WWN Bird's Eye View of a Varied Thrush

WWN Bird's Eye View of a Varied Thrush

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It's not a Pacific Northwest winter unless you see the Varied Thrush. One of my favorite backyard birds to see (and a highly elusive one at that), this songbird has a stunning beauty to match the hauntingly beautiful timbre of its song. This handsome fellow was foraging in the backyard with several other wintering birds when I photographed him from the second floor--giving me a rare bird's eye view of him. We almost never see them during the summer when they spend that season northwards in Alaska, but the call of the colder seasons of the year brings them back to us. Photographed in mid-January 2017.

Based on the original photography of W.H. Sim. All Rights Reserved. See more at zazzle.com/walkswithnature

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