Do Deep Dives into Your Earnings Reports Quickly and Easily!



You've made sales and downloaded that Zazzle royalty history report, but there's much more work to do to squeeze useful information and actionable data out of those numbers.

First, you've got to import that CSV file into Excel or Google Sheets (or another spreadsheet app). Then, you have to crunch those numbers, and that can involve the creation of long and complex formulas and charts, just so you can track progress over weeks/months/years. Imagine having to set this up, manually enter every sale into a spreadsheet, and adjust for currency fluctuations on a daily basis. Analyzing that sales report just became a full-time job. Don't you wish you had an assistant who did this for you (you'd rather be creating and promoting your designs, right?)

Find out what those numbers are telling you on SHD. Just download and drop your royalty report into the Import royaltyHistory.csv button of the Sales summary tab that's found near the top of your SHD Agency page.

In less than 10 seconds, the SHD RoyaltyHistory analyzer will run your royalty report through its analytics and offer you six ways to deep dive into your earnings for a wealth of insights, including:

Summary Report

  1. The summary report offers all-time/year/month running totals and piecharts of cleared + pending royalties.


Royalty Report

  1. The royalty report delivers a richly detailed account of your earnings in multi-column format with filters to drill down to custom date ranges and selected stores, plus thumbnail representation of and clickable links to your SHD products, from where you can unlock Product Insights.


Sales Over Time

  1. A sales over time report displays a trendline progress chart by order/quantity/royalty within customizable date ranges by all stores (or a specific store).


Tops & Bottoms

  1. A tops & bottoms report shows the top 5 and bottom 5 sellers by designs, products, countries, U.S. states, and months.


Customer Insights

  1. A customer insight report displays unique/returning customers, city/origin of biggest single order, most orders, and dollar value of biggest order.


Alignment Analysis

  1. An alignment analysis is a Premium subscriber report that compares your products against your sales across 600+ Zazzle departments (represented by levels 2-6) and scores them by how well they match. The higher the two percentages for each level and the closer they are to each other, the better the correlation is between your products and your sales. It also spotlights departments you might want to concentrate your creative efforts on, for better alignment with your sales.


Learn more about sales reports and how to explore your sales/royalty history.