What is a collection?

Collections group together related products, designs, and other collections.


Versus Zazzle collections

SHD collections can contain more than Zazzle's can. But there is an analog. Here's an example of one SHD collection:


See the "Shop at Zazzle" button? This designer chose to link this collection to one at Zazzle:


What an SHD collection can do beyond this is contain other collections or designs. Giving you a way to create a complex hierarchy to your store's inventory.

Versus Zazzle store product categories

Zazzle does offer a way to create a hierarchy for your products via store categories.

Here's a typical example of what that looks like on a store's home page:


Here's an example of an SHD collection that represents one of those Zazzle categories:


One key difference between an SHD collection and a Zazzle category is that a product can only be added to one category. It can be added to any number of SHD (or Zazzle) collections.

Another (current) difference is that it can take a day or more for your new categories or changes to them on Zazzle to show up in your store there. Changes to your SHD collections are instantly visible.

Ready to create your first collection?