What's the difference between my user account and my agency?


You are a person. If you have an account then you are a user. If you are a designer then you have an agency. Even if you are currently the only one in it. All of your stores, products, and other branded content is owned by your agency.

Why the distinction?

If you are a Zazzle designer then this may seem strange. Zazzle refers to you as a "member" or "associate". They give you a public profile page that gives visitors a little blurb and a list of your stores. This seems sufficient most of the time.

For starters having an intermediary data entity between you and your stores allows me to make it easy for you to transfer ownership of their stores super easy. You wouldn't have to give the new owner your user account as part of the transfer.

But moreover. Some Zazzle stores have joint ownership by two or more designers. They have to share a password there. They won't have to here. And you can also invite other staffers to join your team and help out without giving out your password. Perhaps to help you manage your inventory. Or your marketing efforts.

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