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We're trying our best to help you succeed. We appreciate your patience with us and kindness toward all. As a user of this site and our services you agree to the following.

Limited liability

Snuggle Hamster Designs (SHD) provides services for designers of print on demand services. We try our best to help designers improve sales of their designs. But we do not guarantee success in this regard. As a designer or agent of one you agree to indemnify us for any harm to your business that might occur during or after your use of this site.

We provide a platform for other people to promote their products, services, and ideas. We make good faith efforts to prevent fraud or injury from such third parties. As a user contributing or consuming third party content on this site you agree to indemnify us from any harm arising from the actions of that content.

Acceptable behavior

If you are a third party contributing content or participating in interactions on this site with other users then you agree to act in good faith to respect us and other users of this site. Regardless of whether other users are not respectful. You are encouraged to let site administrators know of any poor behavior by others and not to return such poor behavior. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone abusing the site, abusing our staff, or abusing other users.

Tracking usage and data privacy

We use cookies and other means to detect and record usage of this site by you and others. We reserve the right to retain this usage data indefinitely. We have a strong goal of protecting within reason the privacy of all our users and the data they share with us in confidence. We make good faith efforts to be clear with you how we generally will use your confidential data. You agree to indemnify us against any unintentional data loss, theft, or revelation.

Governing law

SHD operates principally in Florida in the United States of America. We are governed by US and Florida law.

Subject to change

This agreement is subject to change by us at any time. We will make a good faith effort to notify users of significant changes but cannot guarantee such notification.