Privacy statement

In good faith

Our business model is built around helping you improve your print-on-demand sales. Not selling your data. One of our core values is maximizing transparency about what we do and how we do it, within reason.

Public domain data vs private data

Most of the data we collect and use is in the public domain. Anybody can go to Zazzle or other websites and find this same data without requiring special credentials.

Any private data comes from you. For example, you as a designer can import your royalty history log from Zazzle. We regard this as privileged data and strictly limit who can see it directly to you and to limited system administration staff.

Retention of data

We reserve the right to retain any data we collect. There are places where we provide you with the means to delete your data. And you can request in writing the deletion of any particular sensitive private data. We also reserve the right to delete any data to conserve space or curate content.

Anonymizing data

We do not share private data you generate or import with any other parties. But we reserve the right to anonymize and aggregate data for our use. For example, we might display average royalty rates on the sale of a broad category of products across thousands of stores. We make sure to design our use of this data so it does not expose individual sources or harm their interests in that data.

Harassment via data

One specific goal we have is preventing other people from copying your designs and business practices. We can't prevent users from studying your publicly visible data of course. But we would not want, for example, to make it possible for someone to see your specific sales history. Or leave an obvious trail that would lead other designers to the doorsteps of highly successful designers in order to copy them.

This would be an example of exposing a member to harassment by making features that make it simple to single out easy targets of abuse. While it's impossible to foresee ways users might game our system and potentially abuse other users, it is our sincere goal to prevent this by obscuring private data and maximally encouraging other uses to seek success by studying their own performance instead of seeking to duplicate other people's.