WWN Hopeful Columbian Ground Squirrel

WWN Hopeful Columbian Ground Squirrel

Walks with Nature

By far, Columbian Ground Squirrels are the most entertaining wildlife at Manning Park, and the first ones to greet us in the parking lot of Manning Park Resort. These Prairie Dogs of the West were positioned near their network of holes in the ground (or in rotted tree stumps) and often calling in an upright position like meerkats or groundhogs (when they weren't chasing each other around or kissing). We found plenty at Manning Park Resort and Lightning Lake (particularly near the picnic tables). Columbian Ground Squirrels spend the short summer bulking up on fat reserves for their hibernation period, which lasts for seven months!

Based on the original photography of W.H. Sim. All Rights Reserved. See more at zazzle.com/walkswithnature

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