WWN A Fantastic Foursome of Buffleheads

WWN A Fantastic Foursome of Buffleheads

Walks with Nature

As Buffleheads don't congregate in large flocks (4 is generally the maximum) but do keep their distance from humans and potential predators (with the exception of the odd sentry, who investigates all comings and goings of creatures other than itself), it was a pleasant surprise to see both conventions broken in early December 2016, when we spotted a flock of 30 at one of the local ponds, swimming very close to the edge of the pond -- and even anticipating handouts of birdseed! Clearly, these seaducks have become accustomized to the presence of creatures like us!

Based on the original photography of W.H. Sim. All Rights Reserved. See more at zazzle.com/walkswithnature

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