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Store updated 5/21/2024

Customize your own modern gifts, greeting cards, birthday invitations, wedding invites, and matching party supplies. Regarding the faux glitter design pop-up warnings, Zazzle adds those pop-ups to let customers know they only print the digital art images and/or photos and that no actual glitter will be glued onto the gifts or invites like at some department stores. Images and designs in this store are copyright and/or licensed for use.


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Greek key motif throw pillows. You will be able to match your home decor by changing the background colors, pattern or motif vector image colors, as well as the font style and color. This collection features some monogrammed Greek Key square shape border throw pillows (along with a few pattern pillows). The text is all customizable. I have some other border shapes for other products in my store hosted at Zazzle's marketplace.