How to verify your ownership of a Zazzle store

Why verify my store?

Store verification challenges you to prove you are the owner of this Zazzle store by demonstrating that you can log into Zazzle and edit one of your own products. The edit is temporary.

This is actually for your protection. If not for this then any site member could create a store that mimicks yours. They could potentially make your brand look back. Or unfairly gain market insights into your products. Or possibly even redirect your customers to some other place.

Where do I go to start?

In your store's edit page you should see a warning notice letting you know your store will stay disabled until you verify ownership. Look for the "Verify" button next to the "Zazle store ID" field:


When you click it you'll see a little dialog with the tools you need to execute the procedure:



  1. Copy the verification code, including the brackets
  2. Click "My Zazzle store" to go edit your products in Zazzle
  3. Find your most recent publicly visible product. (Not a new but still hidden product.)
  4. Actions > Edit Details Image
  5. Paste code into description text Image
  6. Save
  7. Come back to this dialog
  8. Click "Ready to verify"
  9. You may need to retry a few times
  10. Remove the verification code from the product description Image
  11. Now you can enable your store when you are ready to go live