How to use the Trademark Search

What is it?

This page allows you to search for trademarks with an eye to researching brands that you as a Zazzler could be at risk of infringing upon in your product texts. Our database is populated up to today from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). There are around four million trademarks in our data set, including ones filed by US and by foreign companies.

See also the Trademark Analysis tool.

Where is it?

This is an agency management tool. Look for the "Trademarks" button on your "My account" page on login:


You can also find it among the tabs when managing your account.

How to use it

Enter some keywords to search. Here's what a typical search looks like:


Although there are around 4 million trademarks in this data set, you might want to narrow it a little. You can limit the results to only trademarks that have matched products on this site. Or choose to see only active trademarks or only ones pending review if you prefer:


Click on any "Text" column value to go to the USPTO's detail page for that specific trademark case:


Click on any "Products" column value to open a search page and see those matching products.

What is a product match?

When you see a number in the "Products" column that means our processor searched our database and found the exact "mark" text of that trademark in one or more products' texts (name, tags, or description).

It's critical to emphasize that this does not mean that any of those products is in violation of that trademark. A trademark of a brand is not a blanket right to sue everyone who uses that word or phrase in every possible context. Every trademark has a limited usage described in its case file. The vast majority of textual matches in our database will be purely coincidental and not constitute any violation. But that's why it's important to explore these trademarks in detail. You should familiarize yourself with the basics of trademarks if you are unsure.