Ahimsa Personalized

Ahimsa Personalized


Find Your Inner Peace in Style with this personalized Mandala Yoga Mat

Ahimsa : the first Yama (ethical principle) of yoga, a beautiful principle of nonviolence : live your life doing the least amount of harm you can to humans and other beings. Elegantly written on both sides of this mat, it’s a constant reminder of your practice's core values.

Unroll a sanctuary of serenity. This beautiful mat features a stunning modern Indian mandala design, its geometric patterns rendered in a calming palette of subtle orange hues. The intricate design adorns both the top and bottom of the mat, and the center where it’s positioned in a striking diamond formation on a light grey background.

Make it truly yours with monogram personalization: Your initials interlaced in a beautiful calligraphic font, creates a unique piece that reflects your dedication to your practice.


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