*~* OM Symbol . Lotus Watercolor Mandala Silver Plated Necklace

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*~* OM Symbol . Lotus Watercolor Mandala Silver Plated Necklace

  • Energetically Enhanced - An OM Symbol Lotus Watercolor Mandala on a black background.* Silver Plated. Black background.

It can be Zen , Esoteric , New Age , Metaphysical , and Spiritual helping with meditation and mindfulness.

Here for you is a strikingly beautiful new age metaphysically spiritually inclined eye-catching design likely to inspire meditation and calm contemplation. It can make a perfect gift for friends and family. You will notice a calming energy when you interact with this beauty.

============ JEWELRY WITH INTENTION (R) - Energetically Enhanced Jewelry. As a professional distance spiritual energy healer since 2001, I have learned, developed and utilized the power of energy healing intention. All my JEWELRY WITH INTENTION (R) carries the healing energy of positive manifestation. This JEWELRY is ready to receive your own personal intention. When this powerful little beauty arrives, center & relax yourself with a few slow deep breaths. You are now ready to program your JEWELRY WITH INTENTION (R). Simply declare out loud AND with conviction and faith, your personal intention for this particular necklace. Note: The intention must be stated in the present, be positive & ONLY about you. Ex: "I AM with my perfect for me partner." or "I AM perfectly healthy." I suggest you wear this JEWELRY item for 21 consecutive days with the relaxed attitude that your intention is already manifested in the most perfect way for you. "How" your intention manifests must be left up to spirit...so relax and watch the magic unfold. *Do not wear your energy healing JEWELRY WITH INTENTION (R) necklace while sleeping or any situation which would damage the necklace. Water, chemicals, perfumes etc. might react with and alter the appearance of the necklace. Enjoy the good vibes :)

This design is not just for a Spa Owner, it can also represent a Reiki Healer, Massage Therapist, Reader , Tarot Reader or Mystic or Wiccan practice. It also can work for Shamans Reiki Masters, Alchemist , Yoga Teachers or Massage Therapists and Quantum Psychics Manifesting Manifestors. A Magician , Psychic Medium Tarot Clairvoyant Reader as well as a Holistic energy healer, Spa Owner , Alchemist, Magician, Psychic, Chakra Light and Aura workers , Clairvoyant, Hypnotist, Reiki Master , Crystal Healer , Body Workers, Light Workers , Spiritual Coaches, Clairvoyant , Massage Therapists, Energy Healers , Psychic Medium Yoga Instructors and more will be attracted to it's lovely energy. Any light worker or good person working to heal or be of service to the world one client at a time.

This beautiful Popular Healer Healing Mystical design has it's own special Soothing Magic. Enjoy!

This design will most likely be enjoyed by Reiki Masters & Practitioners,Yoga Teachers, Spa owners and attenders, Vegans, Life coaches, Spiritual teachers, psychics, the metaphysically inclined and like-minded more. Enjoy those peaceful energy-enhanced moments during your busy day.

~ My name is Anna Rosa and I am an internationally known distance remote energy healer channeling both Reiki healing energy and my own energy healing modality Aurora Mistica (R) since 2001 . All my designs and products are remotely energetically enhanced with sweet calm healing energy. Enjoy the good vibes :) For more great healing energy vibes visit my remote distance healing sites: http://www.reikiwithtrust.com http://auroramisticadistancehealing.com. http://facebook.com/annarosaeverythingenergy Disclaimer: What I do as a distance healer is intended to be a compliment rather than a substitution for medical and psychological services. See a health or psychological professional for your imbalances and complaints.

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