*~* Magical Woman WHITE LACE Spiritual SC4 Metal Print

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*~* Magical Woman WHITE LACE Spiritual SC4 Metal Print


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  • Energetically Enhanced Floral / Flowers WOMAN / WOMEN GIRL LADY GODDESS looking inward while meditating / meditation creating her intentions. This series of designs is beautiful. The woman's eyes are typically closed while connecting with their higher self.

*** This particular beautiful goddess of a woman has her eyes closed during her inward journey. She is wearing a lovely WHITE LACE DRESS as she goes inward. There are flowers as part of the image. There is a celestial magical vibe around her. Gold characters of unknown origins are on and around her face assisting on an intuitive level in a language only her soul knows.

These designs are also very mystical ESOTERIC NEW AGE METAPHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL

Welcome to the enchanting world of the "Energetically Enhanced Floral" series, where the divine feminine is celebrated in all her glory. Each design features a woman, embodying the essence of a goddess, as she looks inward during meditation, weaving her intentions into the universe.

Journey into the mystical realm of the "Energetically Enhanced Floral" series, where divine femininity meets spiritual enlightenment. Explore the beauty of these designs as women meditate, their intentions woven into the fabric of the universe. These captivating designs are adorned with intricate floral motifs, symbolizing growth, beauty, and the eternal cycle of life. The woman's eyes are often closed, reflecting her deep connection with her higher self and the spiritual realms.

Immerse yourself in the mystical allure of these esoteric creations, where the realms of the New Age and metaphysical converge. Let the energy of these designs awaken your spirit and guide you on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation.

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======== ~ My name is Anna Rosa and I am an internationally known distance remote energy healer channeling both Reiki healing energy and my own energy healing modality Aurora Mistica (R) since 2001 . All my designs and products are remotely energetically enhanced with sweet calm healing energy. Enjoy the good vibes :) For more great healing energy vibes visit my remote distance healing sites: http://www.reikiwithtrust.com http://auroramisticadistancehealing.com. http://facebook.com/annarosaeverythingenergy Disclaimer: What I do as a distance healer is intended to be a compliment rather than a substitution for medical and psychological services. See a health or psychological professional for your imbalances and complaints.

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