*~* Glitter AP60 Coastal Ocean Sand Beach Wave Sea Poster

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*~* Glitter AP60 Coastal Ocean Sand Beach Wave Sea Poster


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  • Energetically Enhanced watercolor of sparkling gorgeous Magical glittery coast , sky , ocean waves , shore and huge magical waves. ** I will post several of these mystical digital art images , I will include a file number as well. #29.

This is an ORIGINAL BEAUTIFUL , energetically enhanced soothing glitter glittery sparkling digital painting of a glorious Beach Sea Ocean Coast Coastal artistic creative popular watercolor of ocean waves ART painting.

This art work would be a great gift for any art lovers of nature especially the Ocean , Sea , Coast and Beach. The man or woman in your life would enjoy the peace it brings. Memories will arise such as fun in the sun as well as sailing on the sparkling gentle waves.

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============================ ~ My name is Anna Rosa and I am an internationally known distance remote energy healer channeling both Reiki healing energy and my own energy healing modality Aurora Mistica (R) since 2001 . All my designs and products are remotely energetically enhanced with sweet calm healing energy. Enjoy the good vibes :) For more great healing energy vibes visit my remote distance healing sites: http://www.reikiwithtrust.com http://auroramisticadistancehealing.com. http://facebook.com/annarosaeverythingenergy Disclaimer: What I do as a distance healer is intended to be a compliment rather than a substitution for medical and psychological services. See a health or psychological professional for your imbalances and complaints.

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