About SHD

Welcome to Snuggle Hamster Designs (SHD). Here you'll find the creative work of multiple Zazzle designers. Zazzle is a print on demand (PoD) service that matches our designs to their blank products.

SHD is primarily oriented around helping our Zazzlers to improve their sales through several approaches. For starters we provide them an alternative way to manage their catalogs beyond Zazzle's own built in tools. We provide a faster and arguably much better search experience than Zazzle does. We provide added search visibility via our SEO measures. And once someone does find a product of that they like, we try to keep them focused on that designer's store instead of yanking them away to products by other designers. We put Zazzlers first.

We are also rolling out tools to help our Zazzler members improve their social media marketing game. And still more features to help them better analyze their sales to find out where they should be spending their creative time and marketing efforts. Long term we plan to offer more sophisticated analytics. And much more.

SHD is currently in an extended beta testing phase. Our testers are seasoned Zazzlers. They are putting SHD through the wringer. And they are motivating development of still more features. We want to get this right before we completely open SHD up to the public. If you are interested in participating in our closed beta program, please feel free to contact us and tell us about your Zazzle store(s) and what you hope to gain by helping us get off to a good start.